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Mia LaBerge

After a decade of realistic painting inspired by the scenic Shenandoah Valley, Mia LaBerge currently works in an abstract multimedia style. With origins in landscapes and universal symbols LaBerge's work emphasizes the painting process through texture and color fields. Impasto and sgraffito techniques layered with transparent color glazes create iridescent visual effects, changing with varying light and viewer perspectives. LaBerge adds to her works a signature script, a calligraphic band of marks reminiscent of various languages and cultures. LaBergeís paintings exhibit in galleries, corporate collections, national juried shows and Fine Art Festivals.

LaBerge studied Art at Virginia Commonwealth University and received a degree in Art with Teacher Certification from James Madison University. LaBerge taught Art in public and private schools and served on the Boards of Community Arts organizations for several years.

In 2006 LaBerge was commissioned to paint a Steinway piano for James Madison University. The Steinway Company has a long and storied history of building Art Case pianos to commemorate special musical, cultural or historical events. The "Madison Bluestone Steinway" is the first piano ever built to honor a university or Steinway School. The piano appeared at the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts and at Steinway Hall in NYC in 2007. Designed for JMUís 2008 Centennial celebration, LaBerge's work features the hallmark buildings of the campus "Quad" and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountain landscape.

Steinway piano commission
Steinway piano commission

Steinway piano commission Steinway piano commission Steinway piano commission Steinway piano commission